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How To Track Your Partner Call Details & Sms History – Real Tricks

Now you can able to spy that phone anytime by just sending sms to that phone.Now give back that phone to your girlfriend..and whenever you want to spy your girlfriend just send sms from your phone to your Girlfriend phone Which  are mentioned in Touch My Life manage book. [ পোস্টটি বাংলায় পড়ুন :বালিকা বিদ্যালয়ে এসব কি হচ্ছে লজ্জা জনক! (দেখুন ভিডিওতে) ]  Couple Tracker is BEST AFFAIR AND CHEATING PREVENTION AND DETECTION MOBILE APPLICATION FOR PARTNERS, lovers and husbands !
• Mobile monitor app allows couples to monitor, share and exchange texts (SMS), call history, history of GPS locations and Facebook likes and comments with their partners in real time.
• Application helps to catch cheating partner, reduce risk of infidelity / affair and also reduce jealous behavior of your love.
• Mutual monitoring and overview is the best cheating and affair prevention for you and your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband.
• What are MAIN FEATURES (Couple Tracker – Phone monitor):

✔ Call history – check who is in the call history and check your partner’s contact list.
✔ Text message – you and your partner will see 50 characters of each text message that your partner sends and receives (Can be extended to 160 characters per message).
✔ GPS & Location monitoring – your partner’s current location is recorded and saved in 30 minute intervals to the location / GPS history.
✔ Real-time sharing – follow your partner’s communication footprint in real-time, just a few seconds after your partner receives calls, text messages, etc.
✔ Facebook statistics and overview – monitor who is commenting and liking your partner’s Facebook posts.
✔ Delete prevention – deleting text messages or calls won’t help – Couple Tracker is faster 😉 It is not possible to hide activity or remove communications (Texts, Calls, Location or Facebook).
✔ Mutual monitoring or no monitoring – this app offers one simple limitation: the app’s settings cannot be changed to ease the monitoring. Both partners agree to the same degree of Monitoring.

Most people always trying to get an application which can provide you complete information about your love or partner call history, Yes you can get your partner call history or MSG history every where using our this trick, But it can possibly when your partner allows to install that application on their own mobile phone, Because without installation in both phones this is not working, the one you install you can locate their GPs location also.

This is a simple application, Its name is couple tracker, When you will install this app on your partner phone then it will sending you all information about your Partner or husband or wife’s mobile phone’s all activity log, After installation its need confirmation codes,

Actually this work with both phones allow this app or allow to provide this information to your partner, Your partner also can see your call Details.

  • First, you must Install Couple Tracker Application.
  • Now you must install Couple Tracker app in your partner Phone.
  • Now Get Confirmation Code and allow it and add them.
  • Now just swipe left side and click on Partner History.
  • Just refresh it and what you will get calls and MSG history.
  • Now Its done, you can also get Facebook and location log.

Final words

Guys, this is a simple app using this you can see your partner call Details or call history easily. There are also many apps like similar, If you have any problem with installation this app, You can comment below, You can share this article with your friends, May be he is also like this application.

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